Brand Operations Assistant

Zarrin Roya


Posted 8 days ago

Job Description

Your mission as a Brand Operations Assistant at Zarrin Roya is to facilitate all branding activities to achieve the brand goals following the predetermined strategies, your key responsibilities can be listed as below: ● Continuously analyzing the market and the rivals using sales reports, market survey reports, and other relevant reports to achieve further recognition of the market and the existing rivals in different media. ● Cooperating with the brand manager to plan the marketing budget to compile the future executive marketing programs. ● Cooperating to properly execute the brand strategy in brand-related activities to achieve the sales goals. ● Cooperating with the brand manager to conduct operational and communicative programming in different media. ● Continuously cooperating and communicating with the suppliers and relevant agencies regarding the brand requests per the strategy and value of the brand. ● Cooperating to compile relevant perfect briefs to perform and improve the outsourced projects by the strategy and value of the brand. ● Controlling and supervising the packaging printing and advertisement items to make sure of the accuracy and observation of the predetermined standards. ● Checking the advertisement items and content sent by the suppliers, agencies, and strategy department, and pursuing to obtain the final approval of the relevant departments. ● Preparing the reports related to the progress of the marketing projects, holding the activities, campaigns, and other items. ● Doing the necessary pursuits for executing the projects outsourced to the relevant agencies.


● +2 years of experience in the brand or marketing field, preferably from FMCG ● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Marketing or related fields, MBA preferred. ● Ability to present and pitch creative concepts and ideas. ● Ability to make tight deadlines. ● Effective communication skills. ● Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

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