Accounting Supervisor

Raham Group


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Job Description

Salary: 20 to 25 million Tomans. Job Description: Team Building and Leadership: ● Assist the company's human resources unit in forming the accounting and finance team for subsidiaries. ● Mentor and if necessary replace the accountants of the subsidiaries. Accountancy: ● Supervise the accounting unit with the aim of ensuring the accurate and correct functioning of all financial systems, databases, and financial software in line with the implementation of plans, guidelines, and financial processes of subsidiaries. ● Monitor the registration of accounts and keep legal documents based on the standards of legal documents to provide on-time and accurate registration of financial events. ● Monitor the efficient performance in data registration and data entry to provide clarity when submitting to the tax department. ● Interact with tax and insurance organizations to ease the action of subsidiaries. Financial Management: ● Manage cash flow according to standard and fixed procedures for the subsidiaries. ● Monitor and supervise all company payments based on regulations, processes, and procedures. ● Prepare and present different monthly financial reports (prepared in the financial and accounting unit of each company). Collaboration with other units: ● Collaboration with subsidiaries and solving the challenges of other teams (HR, internal affairs, support, technical and programming, warehousing, production, etc.)to implement financial objectives. ● Monitor the proper implementation of the financial process within each unit and contradiction resolution.


● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Finance, or Accounting. ● Fluent in Microsoft Office, especially Excel. ● At least 6 years of related experience. ● Strong knowledge of related accounting software (Sepidar and Shaygan). ● Maximum age: 35 years old. ● Proficient in permanent and temporary accounts and their balance sheets. ● Proficient in recording and closing the period of permanent and temporary accounts. ● Proficient in payroll registration with insurance and taxes. ● Proficient in allocating major expenses for monthly reporting. ● Proficient in preparing and defining the cost of goods sold. ● Proficient in cost allocation. ● Proficient in recording purchases and sales in each of the permanent systems and inventory cycles. ● Proficient in preparing balance sheets and trial balance sheets.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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