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Pakhsh Ghaza va Darou Nikan Alborz

Company Information:



Establishment Year:



Consumer Goods / FMCG

Company Size:

50-99 employees


Tehran, Tehran


Unit 9, Floor3, No 436, after Ghaem Magham St, Shahid Beheshti Ave

About Company:

-Nik Development & Business Group consists of different companies which they work in numerous fields of foodstuff such as different types of bread, pastries, cakes and biscuits, flours, bread dough, foods mixed with bread in different shapes of ready and semi-ready with utilizing the latest knowledge and technology in the world and based on the culture of nutrition and healthy lifestyle and paying attention to the tastes of consumers and their perceived and misunderstood needs. Nikan Alborz Food and Drug Distribution Company work in distribution and sales of group products and other products of other brands. Furthermore, technical and engineering complexes work in the field of manufacturing industrial machinery and other companies operate in the field of investment, consulting, etc.