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Mobinnet Telecom Co.


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500 employees or more


Tehran, Tehran


سه راه تهرانپارس- ابتدای خیابان دماوند- روبروی پمپ بنزین- جنب نمایندگی 1057 ایران خودرو- ساختمان ارتباطی پایا

Location of Mobinnet Telecom Co. is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Mobin Net Telecom Co. is the largest nationwide wireless broadband (4G-WiMAX) operator in Iran with around 750,000 subscribers across 125 cities of the 31 Provinces. Mobin Net provides a wide range of services including dedicated broadband Internet access, VoIP, and VPN for both home and business users. Different services are provided for large Enterprises and organizations in the country relying on Mobin Net’s nationwide Network. With high security, reliability and availability of the network, Mobin Net has a dominant market share with over 63% of the emerging WiMAX in Iran. Recently, Mobin Net has upgraded its nationwide network technology to TD-LTE in accordance with global trends on 3GPP LTE standards.