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Hasin Group


Company Information:



Establishment Year:



IT, Software & Internet Services

Company Size:

500 employees or more


Tehran, Tehran


No. 11 and No. 12, Shekarabi Alley, after Motahari ave., Shari'ati Ave., Tehran

Location of Hasin Group is not marked on the map.

About Company:

A couple of Sharif university students got together with a shared concern in 2003. This concern had shaped in their minds after watching a huge portion of their classmates and fellow students migrating! In 2014, Hasin found its place in the market, introducing several products in the field of electronic banking and smart cards. It was in 2011 when we figure out that cellphones were no more the only means for telephone and text message communications, and will turn into an interface between businesses and customers within a few years. As a result, Hasin entered the field of smartphones and their applications, and we are proud to declare in 2021 that: “Over 80% of the country’s population have used Hasin’s services directly or indirectly” Hasin currently has 500 members active in Taghcheh, Myket, Magnet, Gushi Shop, Tarabarnet, Alin, Radin, Viera, and other businesses. We believe that all the achievements so far are thanks to the help and support of each and every Hasin member. The first step of this journey was taken by registering the Fan Afarin Hasin Qeshm Company in 2004. The three members turned into a six-member group. Having gone through difficulties, gradually the company was managed to prove its worth to the more experienced ones. Great actions need people with lofty ambitions and aspirations, and Hasin\’s team was well-informed that human capital is the most crucial asset worth saving. People who also had some thoughts and dreams to achieve, joined Hasin Group with a treasure trove which was their talent. They managed to be among 8% of those who have stayed with Hasin over the course of these years and have broadened their business horizons. Now, after fifteen years, Hasin family has more than 400 members, and more than half of country’s population have benefited from the Hasin services either directly or indirectly.

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Why work with us?

With a history of almost two decades, the Hasin group has 12 divisions, each having its distinct working professional culture. However, all these companies share the following significant features: • Some of the best advantages of this diversity of industries and jobs include long-term cooperation, suitable conditions for changing one’s work path, and high job security • Our priority is your personality, talent, and interest rather than your working experience. The result of this belief is an intimate and growing environment that will make every day spectacular for you. • Hasin managers believe that the ideas and innovations born at the heart of Hasin must be nourished so that these sprouts can refine our country’s atmosphere in near future. • Creative and hardworking people who strive to support and understand their colleagues work in Hasin. At Hasin, we trust you and there is even a friendly and safe environment when mistakes are made. • Hasin is a completely ethical complex. Hasin has been fighting for morality and ethical practice for years. • We believe that human resources are our most valuable asset. Join Hasin if you too have the dream of building the country up. “With your help and for your sake, we strive to be the best”