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Company Size:

500 employees or more


Tehran, Tehran


No1, 11th St., South Gandi, Tehran, Iran

Location of Goldiran is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Goldiran has been around in the Iranian people’s houses for some three decades and managed to stand the test of time. Over the mentioned period, every Iranian individual has dealt with Goldiran to purchase audio/video equipment, big home appliances, mobile phone, air conditioner, and air purifier. It is worth mentioning that a great number of major enterprises and business owners have been at the negotiating table to purchase commercial monitors, solar panels, and LED lighting products. Since the very first day, we have striven for one sincere goal: to improve the Iranian people’s living standard. To reach it, we have weathered the storm and passed through the following path: Offering state-of-the-art products in the field of home appliances and audio/video equipment at the most reasonable price. Setting up a widespread nationwide distribution network. Providing customers with constant support and after-sales service with the highest standard possible. Through all these years, Goldiran, formerly a small company, has grown into a big family. With more than 5 million customers and somewhere in the region of 2800 employees across the country, Goldiran holding company is now considered to be a national brand. The brand which has redefined what “after-sales service” should in fact mean in Iran. Besides, thousands of highly educated young workforce opt Goldiran as their initial step in their career path. Goldiran is now proud of its reputation by introducing the GPlus brand to the competitive home appliance market.

Why work with us?

Working at Goldiran Effective interaction, enjoyable collaboration Goldiran is a dynamic home if you considers professionalism and expertise important and wants to make a successful impact. Interaction is an important principle for us. We experience together in Goldiran; We learn and create distinct values in a different environment. If you are interested in professionalism, growth and development; We will be happy to meet you in Goldiran!