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Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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500 employees or more




قزوین- شهرک صنعتی البرز- فلکه دوم- روبروی بانک ملت- حکمت هشتم- روبروی البرز دارو- شرکت فیروز

Location of Firooz is not marked on the map.

About Company:

FIROOZ Hygienic Group commenced production in 1974 in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Company of America, as the first company of Baby sanitary products in the Middle East. Today after 42 years, it presents various products in 5 product groups as the biggest specialized company of baby products in Iran. All the company products are studied and formulated in the Research & Development (R&D) dep. With cooperation of scientific labs. After periodic clinical trials and various tests on raw materials and verification of the products compatibility with Babies delicate skins, reach production stage. Some of FIROOZ Sanitary Group’s permanent objectives are as follows considering consumer needs, advancing quality of products, distributing wide range of providing, better services to the customers, addressing the advancements in formulation and optimizing them according to the latest scientific finds, On this course, FIROOZ company, under the auspices of the God Almighty and support of the consumers, has taken new steps in developing its products, trusting it to be recognized by strongest supporters of FIROOZ Company and consumers of its products.