Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Zagrutti approach in design and production line is improving quality of products and the satisfying interactional standards Zagrutti aims acquire err and create a very highly respected brand. Regarding these points, takes all the details in order to company cloth- provide the best possible in men into consideration quality and final consumers' high and right expectations traditional sales methods do not the new method of production these fabrics required by the themselves personally to the country. Therefore, we felt that beside making a new brand in the field that know very well, we can present something special to the market and moreover not only make economic benefits but also create cultural added value and more jobs in industry industry and technology development and vast changes in individuals' life style, has altered the wearing and clothing way of most countries' people. Different Na tions left way of clothing as it was somehow disturbing. And now they prefer to wear clothes which are comfortable and beautiful. Meantime one of the ancient Iranian coatings that recalls glories of ancient Inane, say, suit, not only remains until now but turned to be a global clothing. suits are being wore in most of political, cultural, athletic and scientific gatherings as a formal and elegant ile ladies have lots of options to choose from in order to attend in formal parties, gentlemen have just only one choice is a classis suit which today is known as a formal international menswear A fully smart suit may sound traditional or formal but here being traditional does not mean tiresome and mo notonous suit designers and producers provides the best possible options for men with putting together the elements of visual beauty and fashion. Herein Zagrutti by using the most current tech, applying state of the art in designing and following fashion trends pro- ides vatiety of products which men need in order to bring simplicity and convenience beside beauty The Italian men's stature on Earth design The founders of Zagrutti" decide- end to produce formal and interactional clothing by relying on over 35 years of experience in understanding textile, cultural roots of suit creation in ran and considering cultural tastes and demands of Iranian and applying experienced specialists knowledge in Italy.

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