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Vista is the most reputable company for IT business in Iran. We have been the first company who provided after sales service & warranty for IT business in Iran and in all these years we have come with new ideas for this business. We deal all kind of Notebooks, Tablets, Mobility, Components and provide the after sales service for all our sold products. Vista has got over 90 staffs and is going to develop its business (products and facilities both) in Iran. We have 4 branches in provinces and provide required products and services for end users and companies there. In very close future we will expand our branches in provinces and also we will have other facilities in Tehran to support our users. Our main office is located in Tehran Abbasabad and we have about 2000sqm office for sales and service in different floors. In Vista we work as a family and we do care about work Environment and encourage working in a team to achieve the goals.





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