TUSHEHBAR is a shipping company established in 1983.TUSHEHBAR has got a very vast network through the world. In every department we have got a very experienced network throughout the world who are supporting us to handle the job, from South East Asia to North America and Europe, from Far East and china to all independent countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our shipping department is very well experienced in husbanding all kind of vessels in all southern and northern parts of IRAN. We have highly experienced in rail movement to various CIS countries for transportation of containers and bulk cargo. As container line agent, we are providing services for shipment of export/import from/to Bandar Abbas by dry/open top/flat rack containers. We are also specialist in handling of liquid cargoes (inbound &outbound) by flexi tank and ISO tank TUSHEHBAR is specialist of all movements to CIS countries and vice versa, for dry containers, reefer and bulk with minimum transit time. TUSHEHBAR has been handling oil rig transportation in IRAN and various CIS countries by truck and vessel via Caspian Sea and by rail.




100-499 employees


Transport & Logistics

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