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Industry: IT, Software & Internet Services
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

TOMAN is a company in technology industry with an ambitious goal in mind. Our highly vigorous and professional team is aiming to tackle industries problems. With a hardworking and tireless attitude, no task seems to be impossible for our team. After every mission, knowledge is gained and experience is learned because we want to be persistent in the industry which is constantly changing. We have come to answer questions and we are here to bear the extreme weights it puts on us. We are accountable for what we say and what we do. We are accountable for what we are bringing to consumers and our society. Our stakeholders are our prime concern and we will continue our road to benefit our employees as well as our customers. Our team is agile, innovative and the ultimate goal is to solve hassles consuming people around us. These could be mysteries we’re not even aware of. However, we’ll all have a more soothing environment to live in after these barriers are out of our way. About our Product: Paying with cash is always a hassle, especially when we are in a cab and don’t have the required amount. Not being able to use ATM or bank cards to perform the transaction makes town trips a painful experience. Toman application makes all that go away. You can easily charge and pay in a convenient, simple, and swift way. Toman depicts a secure and unique payment solution. You can charge your wallet with your bank card and get various features such as taxi payment, store payment, mobile top up and etc.

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