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The marine products of Tohfe Food Company were introduced to the national market by aiming at development of culture for consumption of fish. The canned products in this complex are produced in the Konarak fishery beach production complex that is located in a land with area of 20’000m² with substructure of 9’000m² and through exploitation from the state-of-art world technologies and by the aid of expert group and possible production rate (150’000’000 cans per year). Of achievements of complex one can refer to production of fish cans at different sizes, fish in olive oil can tuna fennel, dietary dishes as well as tuna salad, tuna and bean dish, and eggplant tuna patty. Tohfe brand was presented to the market with supply commercial fishes and shrimp as frozen fillets at new phase. This brand is produced in Arman Jonub Protein Products Company with area of 8’250m² on substructure of 3’200m² and through exploitation from the most modern cooling and packing equipment from Germany and Denmark. Supply for more than 20 types of fish and shrimp in various weights is the result of effort made by this company. Tohfe Development Industries Holding Group includes the following companies: • Konarak fishery beach (Sahel Said Konarak) • Arman Jonub Group • Parsian Zagros Inc. • Gulf colleagues (Hamkaran Khalij) • Shahab Mushroom products • Lavansi Chain restaurants • Darya Salamat Group • Golden Seed (Daneh-Talayee) By employing more than 10 prominent experts in food industries, this company tries to integrate experience and expertise with each other in manufacturing the products with excellent quality to supply in domestic and foreign markets. This company has received some international certificates such as ISO 22000, ISO 9001, and HACCP certificate. Likewise, receiving European Community (EC) Code is one of the unique advantages for this complex; therefore, all products of this plant possess standard of European Union (EU) and can be supplied in European Markets. Creating expert distribution system for frozen marine products to put these products in access within a national perfect shopping network is one of the honors, which were achieved by endeavor of expert manpower of this the complex for the first time. With respect to importance of fish consumption in human’s food portfolio and emphatic recommendation of experts to consume fish at least twice a week , this complex tries to put this divine gift onto the tablecloth of their compatriots in best way. Tohfe food products Group tries to take an essential step toward improvement of public health by taking this slogan ‘Fish means Tohfe… Tohfe means health’ as a model for practice.




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