TGT Oil & Gas Services

Industry: Oil & Gas
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

TGT Oil & Gas Services is an international provider of well and reservoir surveillance services for oil, gas and water production. TGT provides a wide range of products and services to optimise reservoir development, enhance production, increase ultimate recovery and reasonably balance short-term and long-term production strategies. TGT performs various slick-line, EWL and coil tubing operations. TGT is an expert in designing and conducting integrated production optimisation programmes including extensive borehole logging, comprehensive reservoir studies and simulations, production/injection pattern revision using newly drilled and converted wells and production/injection optimisation for individual wells through recompletion and reservoir treatment. TGT is always ready to meet the biggest challenges the modern oil and gas industry encounters in the development of depleted reservoirs. TGT \'s reservoir surveying technologies, including proprietary logging tools, interpretation techniques and software, are developed at the TGT Research Centre. TGT conducts in-house research in various areas and owns a number of unique technologies to achieve maximum possible oil and gas recovery at minimum cost. TGT staff is a carefully selected mix of highly qualified and experienced petrophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers on the one side and physicists, mathematicians and software developers on the other. TGT widely uses various modern mathematical and physical models for logging interpretation and reservoir diagnostics and treatment. In keeping with its strong research orientation, TGT works in close cooperation with universities and laboratories all over the world. TGT has a reputation of a renowned educational centre that is always happy to share knowledge with its clients offering various training courses and on-site practice. While implementing its projects, TGT involves client personnel in both regular cooperation and training. TGT considers its educational and training capacities to be a valuable asset for the company\"s future growth. TGT operates in the Middle East, Asia and Russia.

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