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Parkian is one of the leading companies in Middle East specialized in the promotion and distribution of industrial and Laboratory equipments, mostly focused on Surface physics and mechanical specification of materials. The products are split into some main divisions as: Low pressure Plasma Surface Treatment? Nano coating of polymers? Particle size analyzer from 1 nm up to micron ranges? Zeta potential measurement?Tensiometer and contact angle measurements? Universal testing machines for measuring the mechanical specification of material such as Tensile, stretch? Spectroscopy Instruments? Particle counter. Sales Department: The sales department is divided in two teams, the first one dedicated to the promotion and sales of industrial scale plasma systems and the second one dedicated to the promotion and sales of laboratory Products. All sales consultants are trained in Middle East and abroad to become manufacturer approved product and application specialists and to satisfy all customer needs. Service Department: All sold equipments are serviced by Parkians fully trained and experienced engineers and technicians. A stock of spare parts and consumables is kept locally according to the manufacturers recommendations and market requirements.




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