Software licensing is an important asset of any company. Its management requires a professional approach. Licensing and software licensing management is our main specialization. Also, the company offers wide range of additional services for effective software use  training of IT-specialists, technical support and legal backing, consulting, outsourcing and other services. Softline today: A leading software reselling company in Russia and CIS; Turnover in 2007 FY - $292 Mio; Excellent regional coverage throughout Russia and CIS with full-own brunches: 13 countries, 41 cities All ranges of services  licensing the software, training, technical support, consulting in all brunches. Over 1000 employees; Approximately 25-35% of market share (standard software, without OEM, ERP) Since 2001 Softline shows exponential revenue growth  over 60% annually! Enhancing growth is 66% in 2003, 62% in 2004, 62% in 2005, 117% in 2006, 198% in 2007. Softline grows much faster, than the market leader  Microsoft, and faster than IT-market. Business principals: Leadership: To be a leading company in the main lines of business. If we do something  we must be #1 and ahead of our competitors; Energy and innovations: Softline is a dynamic and innovative company. It is impossible to work in the IT market without innovations. Maximum financial investments in R&D; Reliability, stability and honesty: Trusted partnerships with our customers, vendors and employees. IT market is the market with long term relationships; Marketing: Aggressive market position. Focus on our customers needs.






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