In 2003 SHEPCo BME (SHafa Electro Pejhvak Co. Ltd.) was established officially and began its activities with the purpose of providing services in the local market of medical equipment specialized in medical aesthetic field. At that time, there was a serious need for this sort of activities in the Iranian market due to the lack of related centers and companies. Initial activities of the company were evolved in three major areas: 1) providing consultation service to the beauty and healthcare centers for providing appropriate medical devices, 2) offering technical service such as repair, troubleshooting, and installation, and 3) conducting training and maintenance education programs, workshops and seminars. Presence of experienced employees in different fields of expertise like: Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Design, Dermatologists and General Physicians with experience and certificate in medical and aesthetic fields, have been always a great help for an our rapid progress, phenomenal success and business survival. Since 2005 after gaining credibility and information from Iranian market, we began to start a direct collaboration with some North American and European manufacturers as their representative in the local market.




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