Shandong Taikai Power Engineering (TK)

Industry: Power & Utilities
Headquarter: Christmas Isl

Company Description

Taikai group is one of the best and biggest high voltage equipment manufacturer in China established on 1964. Taikai group produces different kinds of HV equipment such as voltage and current transformers, power transformers, SVC, SVG, TCR, GIS substations, circuit breaker, disconnector, pass and compass systems, cable, lightening arrester, MV panels and compact and mobile substations etc. Taikai is located in Taian city of Shandong province and has more than 13,000 employees. Taikai is a private company with a 2 billion USD yearly turn-over and one billion USD as a registered capital. Also, it consists of 35 subsidiaries and has 19 different factories. It worth mentioning that Taikai Co. is the main and most famous GIS manufacturer and is one of the main manufacturers of SVC, SVG & TCR in China. On the other hand, Taikai Co. has exported its products to more than 40 countries so far such as Iran, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Iraq, Poland, Cuba and etc. Taikai Co has achieved a good share in International market.

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