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Dr. Ismaeel Dargahi

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Finance, Investment & Business Analysis

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10-49 employees


Tehran, Tehran


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History of City Financial Group: In today's world, the special importance of monetary and financial systems in the macro economy of countries and its role in economic growth and development has become clear to everyone. Innovation and dynamism in financial and monetary markets, especially the banking system, has played an effective role in the increasing development of countries; Therefore, those countries that have experienced more growth and development in their monetary and financial systems have been able to improve their position in the international financial and economic system. It is obvious that Iran's economy, being in special international conditions and the Supreme Leader's emphasis on moving within the framework of resistance economy and relying on domestic capabilities and capacities for growth and development, needs comprehensive development in the monetary and financial system as a pillar. Is the main development. In this regard, Bank Shahr has tried to take an effective step towards achieving the country's economic goals by achieving international banking standards and providing new tools and innovation in the monetary and banking fields. The rapid expansion of the volume and scope of Bank Shahr's activities in recent years and its role in various economic fields has been the result of these efforts. Continuing the growth of the bank and improving its position in the country's banking industry makes the need to complete the chain of financial services more and more apparent. Therefore, Shahr Financial Group, as a strong arm of Bank Shahr in the field of providing comprehensive services in the financial field was established on 08/30/2012 as a special joint stock company with 100% ownership of Bank Shahr in order to complete the chain of financial services of the bank in order to take advantage of economic conditions and fields and optimal management of companies under Bank Shahr within the framework of laws and regulations with an initial capital of one thousand billion rials. In July 1399, the company's capital increased to three thousand billion rials. Shahr Financial Group Company intends to rely on the knowledge and ideas of its experts, while completing the process of Bank Shahr financial services, to expand the bank's activities in all financial areas, including financing, leasing, brokerage, investment, capital consulting Provide investment, insurance and tourism.

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