Seyagh Software Solution

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Seyagh Solutions Company was established in 1997 with the aim of offering software solution in the financial and office automation as AIS, MIS and ERP Solutions Seyagh Solutions Company has two SBU (strategic business unit): Seyagh : provide software packages for medium and enterprise business Gheyas: provide software packages for small business Each SBU has expert sale and support team which use systematic marketing method and our sale system team is our core Competitive advantage and we want to develop our sale team and minimize the support team size. Now we are a well-known Software provider in integrated financial and automation software with the large distribution (30 agents), and more than 2500 customers. Producing more than 100 active software packages and more than 2500 customers is the result of Seyagh activities in these 17 years. Seyagh is not just a commercial company; it is mostly Knowledge Base Company and the owner of technology.

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