Setare Foroozan (Baran Group)


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As a leading group in construction industry in Iran, Baran Engineering Group was established in 2006 at Mashhad and founded a special pattern of customer-oriented services. In this pattern, aiming at improving quality of life, it is attempted to provide customers with a modern lifestyle through combining hotel services, building guarantee and after-sales services. Baran residential towers are successful examples of the experience of permanent living in five-star hotels. In these hotel towers, along with using a state-of-the-art knowledge of engineering, a five-star hotel services are rendered to occupants. In addition, buildings and mechanical systems have after-sales services and are under guarantee. Baran lifestyle is the result of a set of regular, organized and integrated mechanism of services which can grant customers a more opportunity for being together, work and entertainment with the aim of customer satisfaction and alleviating their daily concerns. Based on its strategic principles such as honesty, emphasizing on quality, innovation and providing the most favorable services, Baran Engineering Group provides various service scopes for investment, engineering, hotel management, physical protection, marketing, sales, research and education.

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