Sanazsania culinary and hospitality art organization with about 40 years experience in the field of cooking and hospitality. The company is one of the pioneers of the industry and is founded by Ms Minaei the most famous chef master of the country. For years, Sanazsania was active in holding cooking classes and cooking magazine. As part of the business expansion, Sanazsania is changing its business model by improving current capabilities and by offering new services. The group aims to expand the business locally and start to enter in the Middle East market. With this new strategy, the group is expanding the number of its branches, renovating the magazine structure and running new businesses like catering, consulting, styling and art studio, etc. The company is spending quality time and effort to hire the right talents interested to be part of the group to build the new infrastructures.




10-49 employees


Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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