Sadad Informatics Corps

Industry: Banking
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Development of using Information Technology in banking industry of country together with the enhancement of activities of financial and credit institutes and private banks not only increased selection domain and customers’ demands variety but also made market more competitive. In these situations, Iran Melli Bank as the greatest banking institute in Islamic world aiming to utilize more of information technology capabilities and better services for society people took action to establish SADAD Informatics Corp. (sic). Therefore, SADAD Informatics Corp was registered in Office of Companies and noncommercial Institutes Registration with the number of 151478, dated 3/6/1999 for unlimited period. This company since its establishment until now worked through implementation of a dynamic process in order to have correct and basic utilization of Information Technology Tools in companion with bank expectations and in line with technology development. As a result of efforts performed during recent years up to now SADAD with powerful and specialized personnel including experienced managers, consultants, experts, and technicians of Information Technology Affairs, offers broad range of consulting, designing, production, provision, management, supervision, policy, and support services and solutions and hardware, software and communicational systems to central offices, branches affair offices, branches network and special customers of Iran Mellie Bank. Creating specialized groups for different domains of Information Technology, attracting experts and professionals in modern technologies, continuous education of company personnel, promotion of technical and scientific ability of agencies network in provinces of country, development and reinforcement of branches helping network, contribution and interaction with other specialized and supporting companies for banking affairs, research and investigation, are part of activities which SADAD Informatics performs continuously so that by preserving a suitable specialized structure it can respond to banking system expectations. Since 2014 and for activating and specialized separation of complex activities, this company works based on holding organizational paradigm and it includes three companies of SADAD Informatics Corps (Mother Company), Support Company for SADAD Computer Wares (Affiliated Companies) and Modern Services of SADAD Informatics Company (Affiliated Company). Now this complex, leaning upon the experience and power of its specialized team (1700 human force with university degree and mostly in technical and Information Technology fields) and policy, and by implementing different projects in production, development, and support, providing technical services, supervision, and consultation for banking software, offers services such as establishing security systems, electronic payment services, designing and implementation of infrastructure designs in Iran Melli Bank all over the country.

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