Sab Sang Alvand

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Sab Sang Alvand Is one of the first abrasive manufacturing companies in IRAN (1995). Our production line offers several types of abrasives for Ceramic, Marble and Granite and chemical products for this industry’s need. With compliments of latest European knowledge and technology, Sab Sang Alvand has been successfully able to increase its market share worldwide. Our production capacity is 30,000 Pcs of abrasives and 10 tons of chemical products per day. This company also specializes different types of products, being aware of the latest technology in the Ceramic and Stone production we offer semi and full polish diamond resin abrasives (Lappato), squaring wheels (Dry & Wet), calibration (Radials, MC8, MC6, Satellite, rollers), Nano wax, polishing pads and cutting disks for Ceramic, and polishing abrasive for stone, diamond tools and chemical products (epoxy systems, Mastic, Surface resin, UV) for stone production based on our customer needs. Considering above factors Sab Sang Alvand has been successfully able to provide to a considerable market share not only in Iran but also has been able to export to countries in Middle East. As a result of our several years of experience, this company has gained valuable knowledge to solve any problems which would be occurred in the production line of our clients. Our professional technical team are ready to support all customers, in all parts of IRAN at all time.Having more than 18 agents all around IRAN and offices and warehouses in Tehran, Yazd and Isfahan has made. Sab Sang Alvand a strong Distributer throw out the country with all the products either imported from our partners in Italy, Swiss, Germany and Korea or produced In IRAN at Sab Sang Alvand's factory in Qazvin.

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