Raysun Oil Company is one of the most dynamic lubricant manufacturers in the Middle East since 2007 when it started producing special products such as Industrial, automotive, marine lubricants as well as engine coolants and different grades of greases. The company enjoys a modern manufacturing plant with annual production capacity of 10 million liters of various special lubricants, sophisticated quality control laboratories and several licenses issued by international and local authorities such as ISO 9001:2008. Providing high quality blending and packing services to OEMs and several engine oil manufacturing companies in the region for the production of engine oils, gear oils, ATF, industrial oils as well as engine coolant are extra services which Raysun is offering currently to its clients. It is worth mentioning, gasoline and diesel engine lubricants provided by Raysun Oil are among few products in the regional Market that have been certified by the API. Raysuns technical knowledge and experience in formulation of various lubricants has led the company to introduce special products to the market for the first time in the region. Since 2010, Raysun Oil Co. has been licensed by the Gulf Oil International Group and officially appointed as a manufacturer and distributor of Gulf branded products in Iran.




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