Omid Computer Services

Industry: IT, Software & Internet Services
Founded at: 2005
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Founded on 21st of June 2005, Omid Computer Services is the main provider of electronic banking services to Iran oldest commercial bank, Sepah Bank. We have the experience of successfully delivering complex projects and aim to excel in the wider national and international market. Established as Sepah Bank’s IT subsidiary, OCS is the main provider for a wide variety of products and services for Sepah Bank and their respectful customs. Activities includes Design and Development of Core Banking System, Providing Corporate Banking Solutions for large scale customers, operating as main Payment Service Provider for Sepah Bank, Development and operation of Sepah Customers Club, Supplying High-End Banking Equipment. A reputable company at this scale always needs to consider many aspects of each product or service it delivers. OCS tries its best to meet world-class standards of non-functional requirements of the systems such as integrity, scalability, effectiveness, business continuity, flexibility and business compliance.

Omid Computer Services

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