Rapid International Transport

Headquarter: Turkey

Company Description

Rapid International Transport was founded in 1950. The primary and main activity of company is customs clearance. In the early years 1970, possessing its own staff of 100 vehicles, the company has become one of the largest companies. To Italy, which was at that time the most powerful direction, to Romania and to Bulgaria thousands of tons of soda were carried by our transport. To be able to perform such loadings our main factors are the following: 2 generation; from student years together with the drivers of our companys vehicles trips for all European countries; our long-term work in the same industry; our experience; training for all our staff in the office; availability of experienced colleagues; our young and dynamic team; employees owning Romanian, English and French; relationship of all our offices with each other; instead of thinking about the our own profit establishment of long-term relationships with our customers in our mutual desire to make a profit. We always put ourselves in our customers place, and in such a way do our job. Nobody deceiving, not providing false information, constantly working on improving our work, we move on. Dynamic, but while still remaining attentive, slowly but surely developing, putting honesty first, today working with more than 250 customers and in addition to own transport with 133 transport companies providing their work, we are a reliable company.

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