Pouyesh Farasoo Kimia

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Pouyesh Farasoo Kimia (PFK) is a chemical company that imports chemical products for more than a decade. It is a sole agent of calcium Hypo Chloride is Iran which is named Chlor on business. Our service PFK offers a various range of the services, including sales different kinds of chemical in original one, import these chemical for the others companies and do all the procesures for them. Benefits for our Customers With our customers, we cooperate in many ways. We: - Sell different kinds of importing chemicals in high quality - Have the best quality of calcium Hypo Chloride in Iranian market - Provide original advisory services in finding their exact product - Carry out the policies and performance for import procedure from A to Z like researching for the supplier, placing the contract, do the inspection and customs clearance. - Have distinctive services specially for importing goods in foreign or local currency because of being a membership in the Chambers of Commerce

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