Poroshat Filter

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Poroshat Filter first started its journey in 2007, permitted by the Ministry of Science and Research, to design and produce application-specific industrial filters at the Isfahan University of Technology. In 2009, Poroshat Filter was awarded third place, among 400 intellectual and innovative companies, in the “Commercial Research Projects” category. In the same year, Poroshat Filter started its manufacturing business by establishing a factory at the Razi Industrial Town. Soon after, the company expanded its R&D by establishing the first-ever filtration laboratory as a service in the country, based at the Isfahan Science and Technology Town, complying with international standards. Other important accomplishments of Poroshat Filter over the years have been close cooperation with major public sectors for revising and raising the national standards, as well as inventing and patenting innovative products in the fields of filtration, production and management. One of the key products that Poroshat Filter has been using and developing since 2013 is PoroSys; a webbased application used to execute, manage and control processes in and across departments at the company. Like any other practical tool and product that is built and used in-house at Poroshat Filter, continues improvement and development of PoroSys as an innovative and intelligent solution, is of great importance to the Poroshat Filter family.

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