Pishgaman Sanat TAHA co. with the aim of identification, localization and use of technologies the world in 2006, has been established. The first step in the development of smart identification system based on advanced technology with radio frequency identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) program instead of the company because this technology was very dramatic impact on information technology in different industries and have had after extensive research, comprehensive information on the design and operation of systems based on these technologies, can be collected. Already informed of technical advances and technological experiences and consumers around the world and transfer technical knowledge to day, very closely with scientific and research centers associated with these technologies, has been established. The order closely with producers and manufacturers of hardware components and technology to ensure customer support systems, formal representation is also obtained. Pishgaman Sanat TAHA co.'s advanced systems, the convention based on RFID and GPS technology designed and produced between them which can set system vehicle locationing (AVL) technology-based GPS equipment and control systems, intelligent traffic management system parking based on RFID technology cited in the centers and industrial use are measured. It is hoped that local building and using technology world, although little can a service to our country and noble nation can provide.




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