PiraSys (Travand Raya Sepehr)

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

PiraSys (also known as Travand Raya Sepehr, a private joint stock company) established in January, 2009, located in Tehran, Iran, is a leading IT Services provider company. At PiraSYS, we are committed to deliver reliable and innovative Information Technology Services in Iran in order to provide our clients with high-level performance of business. We offer a full complement of information technology products and services that include scalable and robust data network strategy planning, consulting, design, implementation and maintenance, deployment and management, voice/data integration with variety of product suppliers, comprehensive security and backup solutions, and technical computer support Help Desk. Our company has high-qualified staff including a group of engineers and informatics experts who are highly qualified in both academically and from an experience point of view. They are given extensive training and they are trained on state-of-the-art techniques of consultation, analysis, QA, deployment, training and support. We always look for commitment in the staff, dynamic character, innovation and acceleration in learning.

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