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PETKUS Engineering GmbH Company profile Pektus Engineering Company was established in 2004 as a branch of Pektus Germany GMBH. Main mission of this company is providing engineering services and succeeded to obtain official agency from Pektus GMBH in manufacturing grain conveyor machinery and grain steel storage silos. The company effort was focused in authentic and scientific training of staff in order to boost abilities of technical, engineering and sales teams to dominate Iranian market. These efforts were led to constructing around 400000 tons of grain storage silos for private and governmental sectors and in maritime ports. Obtaining official agency from MMW Company in 2013, the company moved one step further and entered flour industry market in Iran. Pektus Company is capable of designing, constructing, assembling and commissioning of wheat flour, wheat starch flour mill, corn flour and livestock and poultry food plants and also ship loading and unloading systems as a turnkey project. All industrial designs are in accordance with DIN, ATEX explosion proof, CE fire proof and quality management standards. Structural designs are in accordance with ANSI. Understanding the value of seed and grain processing as well as the challenges behind these comprehensive processes led to the birth of “Strong Seed, Healthy Grain” as an operating philosophy. Today as in the past: Our daily business is dedicated to technology for and around seed / grain and food / feed.

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