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Persia Fava Gostaresh

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Persia Fava Gostaresh Company was founded in August 2003 based on the policies of the Organization for the Development and Renovation of Industries of Iran (IDRO) on the organization of the company's specialized tasks and the development of private sector capacities, with the participation of the Center of the Development of Information Technology (MAGFA) and the private sector. Since 2007, the company has set itself the goal of developing the IT industry in the country and in accordance with its main mission defined in several key areas of IT and communications including business and ERP consultancy, network infrastructure and data centers and sales Equipment has focused on many of the major projects in the country. Persia Fava Gostaresh plans to enter into more areas of the industry by relying on its past decades of experience and focusing on providing services, and offering a wider range of services to its customers and business partners.

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