Pars Telecom Systems Group (PARSSAMAN)

Industry: Telecoms
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Pars Telecom Systems Group (PARSSAMAN) is the leading Telecommunication, SCADA and eSecurity total solution provider to Irans Oil and Gas industry. Established in 2004 as a knowledge-based and specialized EPC contractor, PARSSAMAN has succeeded in realizing several large-scale projects, many of them for the first time in Iran. Some interesting accomplishments are the realization of first upstream SCADA system for an onshore gas field and the Telecom and Control networks of more than 6,000Km of transmission pipelines. PARSSAMAN has operations in other Middle Eastern countries too. The nature of our business as a system integrator is very demanding in terms of technology, marketing and commerce, so we have developed a vast network of international and domestic strategic partners. Weve also established a multi-disciplinary and dynamic engineering powerhouse which engages in all our activities, from FEED and detailed design to procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of our solutions and networks. Our marketing and commerce teams have been able to withstand the toughest conditions to provide the company and the projects with smooth delivery of all goods and services required. PARSSAMAN has a very challenging and team-oriented environment and eagerly seeks new colleagues willing to take on complex responsibilities to the team.

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