Pars Azarakhsh

Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Pars Azarakhsh, an independent private company, was incorporated in 1988 in the Islamic Republic of Iran, to provide software solutions, software products and digital data management strategies to governmental and private organization of Iran. Our software products and know-how have matured over time in tandem with technological advancements in our field, with critical inputs from field experts, associated companies, organizations and institutions. In the last ten years we have undertaken many landmark projects that include database and archive automation for our clients. Our knowledge base and software products are unsurpassed in the field of digital data management for libraries and document centers, and this includes the full spectrum of related requirements. All our software products are web based, integrated and user friendly. Some of our major clients include the governmental institutions, private companies, national libraries and universities. Due to our superior products we enjoy having the major market share in this field. Our ability to be novel and technologically advanced is shown in our software products and services which include but not limited to developing general software solutions, management of digital libraries and archives, web portals, system automation, technical and corporate archives. We are a company driven by our people who are from different backgrounds that includes science, engineering, software, hardware, quality and project management. Our 30 years’ experience is at your service.

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