Oris Oxin Company started her activities, with the aim of procuring and supplying all products related to line pipes, such as fitting, flanges and valves, used in industrial projects such as oil, gas, drilling, petrochemicals, steel mills, power stations, water and sanitary. The Company with utilizing the expert man powers, and with respect to obtaining many European and Asian Companies agencies, we are one of the leading companies, operating in the field of oil and gas and principal industries. Oris Oxin Company in line with expanding her activities has set up her international offices for supply of various products required by various industries. Oris Oxin head office, with the assistance of her overseas offices in UAE, INDIA, SOUTH KOREA and GERMANY, remains in touch directly with the manufacturers and products suppliers, hence we would have the possibility of offering our best products requested for various industries based on technical and engineering standards of the day, in the shortest period and with competitive rates, both in local currency and foreign exchange, to be supplied to the respected project owners and clients. Oris Oxin Co. in line with presenting her engineering and supply services, gives her priority in considering the knowhow and necessity on studying the scientific and engineering specification of goods, utilizing a team of well experienced to format a well-defined structural organization.




10-49 employees


Oil & Gas

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