Novel Ideas of Persians International AKA NIP International is a holding company possessing equity shares in a number of different firms active in a range of business sectors such as digital security, information technology, user experience, advertising, trading, and construction. With its headquarters in Tehran, Iran, NIP International has offices and connections worldwide. These include offices in middle eastern countries such as Iran, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Pakistan, as well as well established connections in Europe. Although active in many business sectors through its holdings and joint ventures, NIP International is looking to affirm its footprint in the supply and after sales support of software and security solutions for large scale enterprises such as banks, insurance firms, chain stores, and government organisations. The logic behind this policy is the business nature of NIP Internationals current holdings and JVs. Being the sole representative of Pura Smart Technology in Iran enables the supply of security solutions such as smart cards, scratch cards and security papers. Owning NIP Advertising gives the complete freedom to offer advertising & internet based services, while co-operation with Think Usability Ltd. ensures the fitness of these solutions in terms of localisation, usability and accessibility.




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