Nojaane Mehr

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Nojaan-e Mehr Purification Engineering Company (briefly referred to as Nojaan, hereafter), is a startup company with its base located in Mehrshar-Karaj. The company is focused on the engineering and supply of new products and services in air purification. The mission of Nojaan is to develop the knowledge about the nature of air pollution, as a real threat to our nation. Then we seek the most effective solutions to reduce the hazards, by engineering design of filtration devices and accessories. Finally, we shall contribute to the elimination of the sources of the problem. This is how we believe that a local problem requires for local solutions. Nojaan team knowledge-base is around the filtration techniques, indoor air quality, ventilation engineering, manufacturing processes and measurement, control and automation in the related area. The core processes in Nojaan are system design, part design, supply chain management and sales. Manufacturing and assembly processes are, more often, outsourced. Among our core values is To Trust and Be Trusted; hence, we remind ourselves of a commitment on the effectiveness of our offerings to the society.

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