Every one of us has a memory of a specific perfume or scent that like a bridge, takes us to the sweet days of the past and it brings back our good memories. Scents have always had a special place in our life and they are part of our daily personality and identity. Surly after finding aromatherapy form in alternative medicine, you will understand the importance of sense of smell and its influence on making balance your body and your soul. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses plants, flowers and even seeds for human health. It’s a fact that human get connected with environment and other people by the senses and one of the most important sense is smell. We ply daily in different places such as our home, work place, public places, banks, etc.Also there are so many people around us in these places. So let’s make these presences to a better experience and impress them with our special taste. “Nasim Mehr Rira company as Riraroma brand started its career to present best fragrances and products and found a solution to aromatization different places. This Iranian-French company after getting representative from SMW-France, Rezaroma, Perfume Plus and having the most prominent international experts in fragrance industry, is ready to bring forward the most paramount technology of odor science and engineering to the costumers.




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