Modiran 21

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Modiran21, as a management consulting firm, providing practical consulting services to Iranian small and medium enterprises in private sector. In the company's mission has mentioned, ‘’localizing general management practices and making the scientific management, applicable in Iranian SME’s. Modiran21, have tried a great experience of implementing Total Management System in 50+ well-known companies and has known the business environment of 20+ industries since 2000. Having the updated knowledge of management science and long experience in the industry, not only provides the required advices to clients, but also takes the responsibility of leading and implementing the management practices and improvement processes by using holistic approach. Modiran21 considers itself, responsible for implementation of strategies for growing the organization along with human resources. The extensive list of Modiran21’s clients, illustrate its various areas of activity and the gained achievements, resulting from the utilization of services and solutions, which are estimated from Modiran21 approaches. Apart from having a high level of academic education, the people who are working in Modiran21 Management Consulting firm, have the well-known operational experience in the professional departments which they provide their advices. The latest scientific findings has being detected by Modiran21 academic team, have been localized in the specialized meetings and by considering the business environment of Iran they according to the needs of Iranian organizations.

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