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Mobin Tech Fanavaran Abnieh Co, is one of the companies established under Bazfar Tejarat direction. With more than 20 years of experience in Iran and international markets. BAZFAR has become well experienced in the field of trading, manufacturing, investment and other services. From the beginning, we had a vision to expand through integrity, consistency and trade mark. We believe that success in business can be realized through a corporate culture which is assertively based on a core set of principles. After all, figures alone don’t tell the whole story. Superior corporate responsibility and reliability in our dealings with employees, partners, and within the company itself, along with environmental concerns, are also important ingredients that we always highly value and keep at the utmost significance when setting our commercial goals and targets. Mobin Tech, is a knowledge-based company. Mobin Tech has established with the aim of providing products and services in various fields of Preventive Fire Protection (PFP), protecting the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical infrastructures and High-Rise Building industries. Using the knowledge and abilities of its engineers as well as well-known international brands products, Mobin Tech has tried to play significant role in serving the country. As an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company, Mobin Tech offers services both as supplier and applicator in different projects. Considering the importance of safety in the industry, especially in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, one of the areas of focus of the company founders is providing services and products related to safety in this industry. Mobin Tech and its affiliates, have a long and well-established experience of distribution networks, both in bricks-and-mortar stores and as an e-commerce in online businesses.

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