Mission Careers

Industry: IT, Software & Internet Services
Headquarter: United Kingdom

Company Description

Providing uniquely robust staffing and professional services, in Mission Careers we are experts in assessing our dynamic multinational holding’s recruitment needs, locating top talents, building high performance teams, and creating effective recruitment strategies and processes for the holding. Just as important, though, are our candidate relationships: We genuinely care about our candidates and do everything to help them achieve their career goals. Our dynamic multinational companies are focused on software development providing IT services all around the world. We operate in Portugal, UK, Cyprus, Turkey, India and China providing our clients managed and reliable solutions to outsource their IT development. Our companies have a vast pool of talented and expert programmers who render top notch development services. We deliver highest quality projects that match international standards. Our teams consist of extremely talented people with different cultural backgrounds which allows us to think out-of-the box and always come up the perfect solutions.

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