Miras (Actor Fs)

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Miras is a software company focused on creating the user experience for working with data, one that empowers people to ask and answer complex questions without requiring them to master querying languages, statistical modelling, or the command line. Miras has been founded in 2013 in MAPS technology center in Tehran with a team of talented people who have designed the main architect of national data processing platforms. We are engineers on a mission. We seek out the critical problems we can find in the market—the ones that pose challenging obstacle to large institutions or keeping them from having clear vision of their operation and their untapped potentials. To achieve this, we build a platform for integrating and managing on top of which we layer applications which we provide or our partners build on top of our platform, for fully interactive human-driven, machine-assisted analysis. We have always been, and continue to be, committed to helping organizations get value out of their data while protecting sensitive information from misuse and abuse. Our customers like Mahan Airline, MAPNA Group and many others have data and a deep understanding of the problems they face. We send our engineers into the field to work directly with our customers—deploying our products, integrating their data, optimizing their workflows, and producing operational results in weeks, not years. By establishing a true partnership, we help customers get the most out of our platform and engineering expertise. This will not happen unless we pick most talented engineers, from best internal processes. Whatever your role, each Mirasian combines an uncompromising engineering mindset with an unwavering focus on executing their mission.

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