Considering the special place of life insurance in raising the level of social welfare and paying special attention to the developed communities, the founders of the Middle East Life Insurance Company in 2009 convinced the establishment of a specialized company in this field. By the year of 1395, the company was established with the foundation of the company. Eventually, in 1395, the first specialized insurance company in Iran was officially launched. The company has been innovating and creating new products using the most up-to-date investment management, risk management, business intelligence, expert and empowered capabilities, focusing on life insurance, as well as research and development needs, in order to fulfill its mission. It is our responsibility to take steps to better respond to the needs of our beloved compatriots and to ensure a decent future for all of Iranians. It is noteworthy that the Middle East Life Insurance Company has opened its doors in the field of home life insurance services to expanding and enriching insurance products, creating the necessary infrastructure and marketing and selling insurance products, along with international life insurance companies, and resolving to become active in the international and international arena.




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