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Micas Compressor™ (branded as Mohaghegh Iranian Compressed Air Co.) is the compressed air assembly and manufacturing section of Havasazan Saba industrial group. Having been established half a century ago, triggered its flourishing path and have succeeded in converting from an up-and-coming business into a sustainable enterprise which has recently made a splash in compressed air industry. The family–run corporation has always prioritized the ethical values as well as financial purposes. Personal excellence, dignity, staff work–life balance and several other ethos have assured the sustainability of such a business. Micas Compressor™ in order to develop its market share from the sale of air compressors and accessories for compressed air needs to strengthen the sales organization and recruit more efficient, serious, hardworking , believes in teamwork and shared goals is, of course, along with these needs in Certainly funding new partners if success is obvious. Micas Compressor™ is Place of learning, training and development provided, but will not be place to practice and learn basic Level. in the business of engineering sales and marketing personal collection will be successful doing this as a job, not to making it an integral part of life he and his fight to make it better every day can have difficulties Carrera.




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