Melorin Arvin Teb

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

In 2011 the founder of FUA with the purpose of presenting different service and equipment with a quality that has to be up to physician social status, constituted Melorin Arvin Teb Company in Iran. Melorin continues its own precious activity with taking official authority from qualified companies such as Reneve of France, EFB beaute of France and Sorisa of Spain, INDIBA of Spain, Well comet of Germany and NEAUVIA of Italy in Iran. In regard of customer care, Melorin detached its engineering team for passing a variation of instruction terms in mentioned companies and with the support of its academic staff, it assures experts and physicians in sale and after sales services. FUA Company was constituted on August 2006 in Zurich. The aim of floating this company in one hand is to present the latest medical technologies and mainly to sell body shaping and skincare instruments and equipment and also MRI, and on the other hand to have desirable services in selling and after sales services.

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