Striving for excellence within the retail sector, Mehan Poush is taking large strides in introducing itself as one of the key players in and for the Iranian market. Bringing its own set of attributes and qualities with emphasis placed on efficiency and sustainability. With a proven track record of securing leases in the most contested locations of the capital, the company is opening retail stores in record times. Working on a multi-channel distribution platform, Mehan Poush has been the biggest H&M wholesale distributor for the country with numerous stores covering the North of Iran and also Tehran. Securing also exclusive agreements with high quality European brands including the Portuguese Lion of Porches. 2016 is set to be Mehan Poushs strongest year to date, with 4 new stores opening for what will most certainly be one of the biggest fashion names to enter the Iranian market.



100-499 employees


Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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