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MAPSA was established in 1999 as a private company in Iran providing a unique competitive edge in the field of project management consultancy concerning industrial projects. Our core engineering team consists of highly qualified engineers averaging at least 20 years of experience in various industrial projects such as Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, Stations and power industries. Our broad based technical expertise allows us to provide a full suite of professional services for your industrial needs. Continuous growth and extensive project experience in gaseous fuels guarantees us to be a pioneer consulting firm in this field across Iran. The main objective of MAPSA, is to maintain the growth and elevation in efficient and beneficial ways in order to create constructive careers in various industries, projects, of Improve Oil Recovery (IOR), in petrochemical industries, oil & gas industries and hydro mechanical equipments for dams. Scope of company's activity covers, Project Managing Contractor (PMC), Technical inspections and quality control in manufacturing. Our mission is to facilitate the precise needs of client with the latest use of scientific achievements in management and project control. Projects are done in accordance with National and International Standards, having in mind the satisfactory results in quality of a product. MAPSA, with a crew of about hundred skilled employees is ready to assist and engage in any project that fits the company's scope of activities.





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