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Madresefitness team is a company involved in the production of educational materials (products) related to weight loss and treatment of nutrition_related diseases, such as diabetes and fatty liver. We are the best in the field of nutrition in Iran and in 1396 we have been chosen as the top entrepreneur in the field of education. All our educational products are so great that have a 100% guarantee and in case someone does not get the expected results (outcomes), his/her money will be given back. We are looking for people who are superstars and work like Japanese. We mean they are accurate, agile and intelligent. Madresefitness team is a collection of talented, sympathetic and active people who gather in a very friendly environment to grow themselves. We believe that employees with lower salary have more costs for the company than employees with higher salary. So, the salary we pay may seem little, yet the rewards surely outweigh the salary. Work hour is not the basis for determining the salary, but the value and the profit that an employee with his/her excellent work adds to the team is determinative.

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