Industry: Manufacturing
Founded at: 1973
Website: www.leca.ir
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

LECA Iran Company (Member of LECA International) is the first and major leading producer of industrial lightweight aggregate in the Middle East and the only manufacturer of Leca lightweight concrete products including lightweight concrete blocks and ready-mixed mortars. Operation of the first unit of the factory dates back to 1978. Currently the factory has three light grain production units, four light block production units and ready-made mortar unit. LECA production facility is highly equipped with an R&D department and distinct quality control laboratory. All Leca products have the technical quality certificates from Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, Iranian standard mark and fuel efficiency optimization approval and is certified through ISO 9001 Management system LECA initial letters stand for: Light Expanded Clay Aggregate. • LECA consists of small, lightweight, bloated particles of burnt clay. Pre-Treated special kind of clay is derived from a rotary kiln, and exposed to high temperature, then clay is expanded in a granule shape with honeycomb core and ceramic shell. The thousands of small, air-filled cavities give LECA its strength and thermal insulation properties. The base material is plastic clay which is extensively pretreated and then heated and expanded in a rotary kiln. Finally, the product is burned at about 1100 °C to form the finished LECA product. • LECA is a versatile environment-friendly material and is utilized in an increasing number of applications. In the construction industry, it is used extensively in the production of lightweight concrete, blocks and pre-cast or in-cast structural elements (panels, partitions, bricks and light tiles). • LECA used in structural backfill against foundations, retaining walls, bridge abutments etc., in addition, it can reduce earth pressure by 75% compared with conventional materials, and also increases ground stability while reducing settlement and land deformation. • LECA can drain the surface water and groundwater to control groundwater pressure. • LECA grout can be used for flooring (finishing) and roofing with thermal and sound insulation. • LECA is also used in water treatment facilities for the filtration and purification of municipal wastewater and drinking water as well as in other filtering processes, including those for dealing with industrial wastewater and fish farms. • LECA has uses in agriculture and landscapes. It can alter soil mechanics. It is used as a growing medium in hydroponics systems since blended with other growing mediums such as soil and peat, it can improve drainage, retain water during periods of drought, insulate roots during frost, and provide roots with increased oxygen levels promoting very vigorous growth. LECA can be mixed with heavy soil to improve its aeration and drainage. LECA Properties: • LIGHTNESS • THERMAL INSULATION • SOUND INSULATION • FIRE RESISTANCE • NON-DECOMPOSABILITY • WATER ABSORPTION

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