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The importance of water consumption has always been a sensitive subject for either public or private organizations in Iran. The crisis of water consumption has led to the necessity of establishing a high-tech and high-quality faucet manufacturer who is able to produce economical, beautifully designed faucets for luxury kitchens and bathrooms within Iran. Consequently Iran sanitary and industrial valve company has started this mission under the license of the well – known Swiss company, KWC, in 1984 located in Saveh / Iran. KWC- Iran factory is facilitated with high-tech casting, polishing machining, electroplating and mold making. It has benefited from KWC- Swiss technology and standards. KWC- Iran has dramatically improved the culture of water consumption among Iranians, especially in the recent years. Nowadays KWC-Iran has become one of the most well-known faucet manufacturers, under the license of KWC-Swiss, within Iran.

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